What we eat for breakfast

We've recently found ourself in a new season of officially entering into the reality of being a "large family". We currently have five children, four biological and one via foster care, and I've found myself having to make a mental shift in how I plan meals in our home. Don't get me wrong, we were pretty much already there with four kids but now that we have seven people who need to eat three meals a day I've found myself staying up late watch YouTube videos on "how to shop at cost-co for a large family." Something I never thought I'd do but here we are!

I've been meal planning monthly for a while now but I've recently stepped up my game to also include a breakfast plan. It's probably helpful to mention that we have several food allergies in our house (egg, dairy, and peanut) so what I CAN actually make it somewhat restricted. Also, I'm pretty sure my five year old has a salicylate intolerance (click on the link if you're curious - I hadn't heard of it 9 months ago either) and she also has eczema which limits what she can eat even more. It's taken me many many months to figure out what the heck I can actually feed my family that works for most everyone.

So here's our current breakfast plan..

MONDAY :: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (dairy and egg free)

TUESDAY :: Oatmeal Bake (dairy free, egg free, gluten free)

WEDNESDAY :: Vans Frozen Waffles (gluten free, egg free, dairy free)

THURSDAY :: Yogurt + Granola, topped with fresh fruit (I use goat's milk yogurt for my child with eczema and the kid with a dairy allergy just eats granola with rice milk and some bananas slices on top.) 

FRIDAY :: Steel Cut Oatmeal + maple syrup, fruit, or nut butter (I buy a big bag of the Bob's Red Mill brand at Costco.) 

SATURDAY :: Homemade Vegan Waffles (dairy free, egg free)

SUNDAY :: Dry Cereal or Toast (this day is up for grabs because usually by the end of the week I am DONE!) 

And as a side note: For some reason lately I've really been craving more protein at breakfast so I bought a bag of these chicken apple breakfast sausages at Wal-Mart and have been adding them to our breakfast menu. I don't tend to cook a lot of eggs so these are a good protein substitute. And they're yummy! 

So that's what we eat for breakfast at the Laib house! Hopefully if you're someone out there who's been struggling to figure out what to make for breakfast (especially if you're like me and you have A LOT of kids) this will spark an idea or two for you. Happy Breakfast-ing! 

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