Hello 2014.

I've tried to start this blog post many a times but I've been having a hard time figuring out what I really wanted to say. A part of me wants to talk about 2013, but it was a rough year and a year full of much change and the other part of me wants to just put it to rest and look ahead to 2014. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm certainly not choosing to ignore the hardships of 2013 because they taught me much about life and much about myself but I'm ready for a new year and a clean slate. Are you?

I've got a few goals for 2014 that I hope will make it a year filled with more intention, more growth, and more adventure. So here it goes...

1) Read more. I'm not a voracious reader and I never really have been. But I want to be. So in my home, more reading will have to equal less t.v. time. Our cable contract ends at the end of January and instead of renewing it we're just going to let it expire. We have an Apple TV and use that to watch shows and movies on Netflix so we won't be completely be cutting our t.v. input, but we will be reducing it drastically which will hopefully result in more books in our hands.

2) To be known. This one is a little less tangible in terms of the physical kind of goal but none the less, it's a goal. 2013 had some rocky moments for me spiritually and I ended the year feeling quite distant from God and that needs to change. My desire for 2014 is to know God and to be known by Him more than ever before. I know a lot of the personal struggles I face are often magnified because of the distance I sometimes place between me and my heavenly father. I know this will never be an area I will reach perfection but I want to do my best. The good news is I know that each time I choose to walk away, God will always be standing there waiting for me to return with an abundance of grace.

3) Exercise. I'm a pretty active person by nature but pregnancy tends to put me on the couch, and not because I feel sick but because mentally I just give myself permission to be lazy because hey, I'm growing a person inside of me. This is my second pregnancy and I want to do a better job of staying active for as long as I can. I've been doing prenatal Pilates from my living room and also walking/jogging when we get to the gym. I know it will be better in the long run for me and baby #2.

Three goals is about all I can handle in this season so I'm going to put the lid on it for now. I want to share with you one of my favorite things of 2014 so far... which is the picture on the desktop of my computer.

One of my favorite bloggers Jessi, from Naptime Diaries, does a monthly bundle (downloadable prints, calendars, notecards, and desktop and iPhone wallpapers) and I just LOVE January's desktop wallpaper. Also, you can get the bundle for only $5 here.

So here's to 2014, and A FRESH START.

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