3 reasons why I love going to conferences

Some would say I'm a bit of a conference junkie. I'd prefer not to be called that because, well, it makes me sound like a junkie but I did go to a handful of conferences last year. Going to a conference, whether it's an all weekend thing or just a one-day event, always refreshes me in a variety of ways. Here's what I mean...

  • It's AWAY time. Away from my normal routine, away from my family (whom I love very much of course), and maybe even away from my city. I love to travel so being in a new place is exciting and inspiring for me. If I get to drive rather than fly, that's even better. Getting out of my normal environment even just for a day or two can do good things for my soul. I come back refreshed and in a healthier place to love my family. 
  • It's GOD time. I often go to conferences alone, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. Being by myself for a couple of days allows me to hear God in a different way than I normally would in my every day routine. I often do a lot of crying if I go alone and not the sad kind of crying, more like the cleansing kind of crying. 
  • It's LEARNING time. There are a handful of female authors/speakers that I have loads of respect for and I cherish any time I get to sit under their teaching and learn. Enough said. 
Here are the conferences I hit in 2013:

January - Crowns Conference // Marion, IL
February - The Justice Conference // Phildelphia, PA
August - Women of Faith // Peoria, IL
September - Revive Our Hearts // Schaumburg, IL
September - The Influence Conference // Indianapolis, IN

2013 was an abnormal conference going year for me. I don't usually hit that many conferences in a year but all of them were great and I came away with lots of new insight and many new friendships. 

There's only a couple on the schedule for 2014 so far and it'll probably stay that way since I'll be having a baby in June and my husband and I are planting a church in August. But I'm super excited to be attending:

The IF: Gathering in Austin, TX this month and probably The Influence Conference in Indianapolis, IN again in September. A couple local things might pop up through out the year so we'll keep an open mind to those:) 

Do you have a favorite conference? Are there any that you're planning on going to this year? 

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  1. I love your reasoning behind going to conferences! I need to start looking at the ones I want to attend in 2015. Is there one you recommend over another?