A Fellow Warrior Needs Our Help.

Hey friends. My heart is heavy today. It's heavy for a friend. And I even hesitate to do what I'm about to do because I just ended a month of bombarding you all with posts and requests for support to help me raise $1000 for clean water. 

But I'm here today with another request on behalf of a friend. This is my friend Vashti Downs. Vashti and her husband Martin live in Durban, South Africa with their two adorable sons, Joe & Jesse. 

I met Martin and Vashti about 10 years ago in Brooklyn, NY. I had the privilege of working alongside them at Metro Ministries, an inner-city children's ministry. Martin and Vashti are some of the most passionate and Jesus-loving people I have ever met. After working at Metro for many years they felt God leading them to move to South Africa to love and serve orphans, the homeless, and at-risk women who work the streets day and night. They have been doing this amazing work tirelessly for many years and it's starting to take a toll. 

Vashti wrote on her blog recently...

"We KNOW that He has called us here. We KNOW that quitting is NOT an option. He KNOWS that we will do what it takes to see His will done in our lives. We have proved this over and over. We could have quit a thousand times and no one would have blamed us... but quitting is NOT an option as far as we are concerned. So why do we spend our days holding our breath? Not knowing if we will make it to church or to take the kids to school because the petrol (gas) light is on. Not knowing what I am going to feed my family because the fridge is empty and all we have is lentils and a bag of flour. I thank Him for my hens that feed us with their eggs every day. (we definitely get enough protein). We do not get to take our children on vacation. We do not even get to shower with hot water. We live on a beautiful property that we believe God has placed us on but the reality is we could loose our home at any moment. I have no certainty in my life other than we will NOT quit. That is the one certainty that I hold onto. The knowing that HE has called us and He will not let us fall."

I know that the needs of this world are endless and maybe you already know or support a missionary or sponsor child or organization. If you don't feel God tugging on your heart to give to these friends of mine then it's totally ok. But, if you do have the desire to give to this family then I say YES & THANK YOU! 

This breaks my heart, friends. It breaks my heart that Martin and Vashti are serving the lost, broken, and forgotten so tirelessly and at the end of the day they struggle to provide for their own family. And please know that Martin and Vashti don't even know I'm writing this blog post or making this plea on their behalf. My intention is not to make you feel sorry for them but that we might be the answer to someone else's prayers. 

Here's how you can give to help the Downs family with food, gas (or Petrol as they call it in SA), and other basic necessities: Just click on the link below to give DIRECTLY to the Downs family. Any questions, feel free to ask away!

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