A move & a new season.

Oh hey there friends, 

I'm back! I've really started to get the itch to blog again and I think this insane season we've just come through is finally in a calm place. A lot has happened in the last three months which is why my blog has been pretty quite. I'll spare you all the many details... Here's where we're at now. 

My husband accepted a new job at a new church. It's been almost four months since we've been apart of a consistent church community, i.e.: people we see on a weekly basis. This new job required a move so we are now living in Round Lake, IL which is an hour north of Chicago and an hour and a half from where we were previously living. We're renting a house and trying to find our way around town. This is the first time for us in two years that we don't have anyone living in our house that doesn't have the last name Laib. In October of 2010 it started with my mom who lived with us for about nine months, then our twenty-one year old friend Jenn moved in July 2011, then our twenty-two year old friend Niki moved in September 2012, and then we were placed with a five year old foster child in October 2012. Yeah, you counted right... we had SIX people living in our house, three of whom we're not biologically related to us. 

In many ways that was a sweet season because we loved Niki, Jenn, and our foster son very much, and still do, but it was a little too much to handle for this momma. No season lasts forever and it was time for our season to change. So here we are... at a new church in a new house in a new town. Just the three of us. And it's sweet. Our former 'house guests' will always have a special place in our hearts because of the time we got to love and invest in them and for the joy they brought to our home and our family. 

The weight I've been feeling for the last few months has been lifted and it's time to start running again. (literally and figuratively!) My soul is being refreshed and my passions renewed. I'm excited about this new season and how God will continue to shape me to do great stuff for Him. 

I'm back blogging world, I'm back. 


  1. Yaymen sister. Yay and amen.

  2. OMYWORD! So we live in Round Lake BEach where you JUST moved? Niki E. had ref'd me to your blog sometime back and must say Im glad your back! Would love to connect and share some of our fav places around to eat, shop etc... :)

  3. Excited to partner with you in this new season!! It will be the time of our lives!!

  4. so glad to see that you are back! :) excited to see what else you have to share :)


  5. I grew up right around there. About 20 minutes further north in fact. We used to play street hockey in the parking lot of the Super K from the time I was in high school until right before I got married. If you are still there in the fall, you NEED to take Cooper to "Shades of Autumn" at Stade's Farm in Johnsburg (my hometown)- he will LOVE it! We do it every fall when we visit my parents.

    1. That's cool Jenna! I had no idea you were from the north burbs. Thanks for the tip on Stade's Farm, I hope we can check it out!

  6. Wow! you have been one busy girl! Glad that you are back 'running'! This post inspires me! Hope all is well with the fam and the new job. XO