30. It's finally here.

About a week ago, on Christmas Eve 2012, I turned 30 years old. Good-bye 20's... it's been fun. We've had a ton of adventures and you've given me some of the greatest memories a girl could ask for. So many great things have happened over the last decade and even though it's kind of hard to 'wrap up' a decade of my life, I'm going to try.

Here are some highlights (twenty to be exact) of the last ten years of my life:

  • Lived in Brooklyn, NY from age 19-22 serving inner-city families in some of the toughest neighborhoods in America. Some of the best times of my life thus far with some of the best people I've ever met. 
  • Drove a school bus after I received a commercial driver's license. 
  • Visited Europe. 
  • Moved to Illinois to live with the TeSelle family. Watched the marriage and family life of Greg and Caroline up close and personal. 
  • Met Justin who I would marry in 2007 after a year of dating.
  • Received my Associate's Degree after years of taking classes one-by-one. 
  • Became a mom on June 23rd, 2010 to Cooper Marc. 
  • Lived in Ramsey, NJ the summer of 2006 working for Franklin Lakes UMC. 
  • Became a coffee drinker. 
  • Moved to California with Justin, March of 2009 only to move back to Illinois two months later.
  • Discovered the art of 'spoken word' and have cherished it as an emotional outlet and form of worship to my God ever since. 
  • Became a foster parent. 
  • Spent a week at the beach in North Carolina with some amazing women and made some life long friends. 
  • Started blogging. 
  • Got a couple tattoos. 
  • Became an aunt to Lincoln, Trey, and Zoe. 
  • Took a piano class. 
  • Traveled the country in a fifteen passenger van with a ton of friends and had some amazing adventures. And faced A TON of fears. 
  • Watched some of my best friends get married, have babies, and serve Jesus with their families. I've also watched some of my best friends stay single and serve Jesus with all of their hearts. 
  • Had the privilege of serving alongside some amazing people at Grace Bible Church, Inland Hills Church, and then Southfield Church. 
My twenties were a great, great decade. But I am excited to enter the thirties. 

I'm excited to see life through eyes that have more wisdom and experience than my twenty-something self. 
I'm excited for more adventures with my husband, my kids, and my God. 
I'm excited to continue to figure out who I am and how I can make an impact for the Kingdom of God. 
I am excited to continue to grow our family. 
I am excited to travel some more. 
I am excited for the new relationships God will bring my way and entrust me with. 
I am excited for whatever new church we will be apart of. 
I am excited to hopefully become a better blogger. 

And mostly I am excited for the person that God will continue to mold me into this year. 

So to the thirties, I say, Bring it on.


  1. I know every year of your life will be great because you, my friend, are an amazing person. Praying all good things in your thirties with God leading you by the hand. Love you!

  2. I love this. And love you! I can't wait to see the amazing things you do this decade. Xo

  3. Happy 30th! And what an adventurous and full list!