Change is for everyone.

This election day really has me thinking a lot about change. That's what everyone is hoping for right? Change? Those who voted for Obama are hoping that the next four years will be different. Better than the last four. Those who voted for Romney are also hoping the next four years will be different and better than the last four. Change is a good thing. Being the President of the United States of America is probably about the most influential position a person can obtain. The person who holds this position has the power to bring about A LOT of change. Regardless of whether it's good change or bad change, it's still change.

I believe we all have a desire within to change something. To make a difference. To help someone. Just because we don't have the most powerful position in the world doesn't mean we still can't do something to infect our world with positive change.

What do you want to change? What's your passion? How do you want to make life better for other people?

For me, my passion has always involved poverty. Ever since high school I've always been drawn to poverty. It's what makes my head turn. It's what makes me cry. It's what makes my heart beat faster.

It's why, when I was 18, I packed hundreds of sack lunches with friends every Sunday night to hand out to homeless people in Des Moines, IA.

It's why, when I was 19, I moved to Brooklyn, NY all by myself to serve the poor in the inner-city.

It's why, today as a stay-at-home mom, I'm selling t-shirts. It's not quite as 'risky' as the former but it's what I can do now, in this season of life. Although at times it faded because of my own selfishness, the passion to do something about the poverty in our world, has not gone away. The desire to help change the world for someone else, still burns inside me.

My desire is to bring change for those who may not be able to create change for themselves. I may not be the President of the United States but I can still do something. And so can you.

It can be something as simple as selling a t-shirt that in return, helps provide clean drinking water to those who don't have access to it.

Give some clothes away to a women's shelter. Buy school supplies for an under-funded school. Foster a child. Make a meal for a widowed neighbor. Buy some grocery cards for a single mom. Buy someone a car. Give some money to a friend in need. Invest in someone who needs a friend. Love someone who's hard to love. 

Our human nature is to 'store up' for ourselves. God's nature is to pour out so that the 'storing up' may be seen for eternity.

What's you passion? How do you want to make a difference?


  1. i want to change, and make a difference with each person, place and thing that i encounter, showing them God's love each time. It's so hard in this world to remember that each encounter that I have can facilitate change that is good or bad, but if I try to remember who I want others to see in me, I can maybe be that good change that they wanted to see. Thanks for this Courtney. Lovely words, and beautiful mission.

    Barbie F.

  2. I love this line: Our human nature is to 'store up' for ourselves. God's nature is to pour out so that the 'storing up' may be seen for eternity.
    Lots to chew on there. I used to think that giving to various charities was enough- but one thing I've thought a lot about lately is 'loving someone where they are at.' Which sometimes can just mean giving them a hug, a lending ear or even a home-cooked meal. We have all the opportunity to serve, influence and change the world. I love this mission on your heart. xo