Day 7 // what's your addiction?

Today I'll be talking about what I have a hard time with when it comes to "living with less" of this thing. It's a little bit embarrassing actually, but I figured it's time to be a little vulnerable.

Ok, so here comes the confession. Are you ready?

I just can't live without... Starbucks Chai Lattes. There it is. Now you know my dirty little secret.

Ok, so in all seriousness I CAN live without Starbucks chai lattes. I just really like them. A lot. Is it an addiction? Maybe.

Here's the deal. I NEED to learn to live with less chai lattes because they are expensive. It's not practical or even wise for me to buy a $3.50 drink from Starbucks everyday or even every other day.

So I'm trying to live with less. Less delicious chai latte running through my veins. It's hard.

One thing I do substitute for the in-store chai lattes is buying the box of chai concentrate at the store which only costs $3.50 at Target and making my own at home. It's obviously much more cost effective and you get about six or seven times the amount for your money.

What's you addiction? What do you struggle to live with less of?


  1. I would say I'm addicted to bubbles - like the kind you drink:) I love sodas way too much. and over the years I've stopped drinking them (sometimes for years) and then they slowly creep back in. Stupid bubbles.

    Thanks for being honest:)

  2. Hey - 2 things:
    1) Have you tried any of these?
    that might be the solution (or at least the carry-me-over-until solution)
    2) Would you mind facebooking me your mailing address?

    1. Hey Helen,

      I have not tried any homemade chai latte recipes yet because I looked at buying the spices needed and they seemed really expensive. And, yes I will FB you my address:)