Day 4 // a great opportunity to give

Hey friends! It's day four in this series and I am REALLY excited about what I will be sharing with you today. Today it's a little less about how I'm learning to live with less and a little more about how a friend of mine is doing something to make a huge difference.

My friend Angela owns Button Bird Designs. Angela is one of the most creative people I know. If you haven't checked out her website yet you need to! She does amazing things with items that most people would just throw in the trash.

Angela heard about my project called 'Live With Less' and she was inspired to do something to help. Angela decided to make these amazing little animal pillows (by hand!) and she's going to sell them. Here's the best part... all of the profits will go to Compassion International's 'Water for life' program! This is the same cause that the profits from the 'Live With Less' t-shirts are going towards.

Here are the adorable animal pillows that Angela will be selling. They are $25.00 each. On the outside she used vinyl she bought at a Habitat ReStore and she stuffed the insides with plastic shopping bags. Pretty resourceful, right?

Click here to buy one of these super cool handmade animal pillows to support a great cause and help provide clean, safe drinking water for people around the world!

Live with Less. See you tomorrow.