Day 2 // Trash or Treasure

Alright so it's time to start digging into this topic of learning to live with less. Let me first say that I am certainly NOT writing this from an experts view. I do not have this all down, by any means. Living with less is just something I've been thinking about a lot lately and well, I needed to pick a topic for this 31 days series. I hope to share some helpful tips but I know I will be challenged myself, along the way.

It's my desire to write from the position of a learner and not a teacher. I hope that's the impression you all will pick up. Let's take this journey together.

One of the things I love to do is look in people's garbage. Well, not really IN their garbage, more like around their garbage. When's it trash day in my neighborhood I always have my eyes open for what people might have put out on their curb. Does anyone else do this? I know my friend Angela from Button Bird Designs does. She makes some amazing things out of garbage!

One of my other favorite things to do is look on the 'free' section of craigslist. Usually it's a bunch of junk like old tires or dirt or a collection of magazines from fifty years ago but every once in a while there's a gem in there. And if I come across that gem, I chase it! Yesterday was one of those days. Or at least I thought.

I saw a post on craigslist that someone was moving and had put a bunch of stuff on their curb that was free for the taking. I checked out the list and it definitely has some gems! I texted for the address and about an hour later I got a response. So Niki, Jenn, Cooper and I hoped in the car and were off on an adventure!

We got to the house and there were already two other people there. Darn. I guess I'm not the only fan of the CL 'free' section. We waited our turn but scoped out the goods from the van and realized that all the good stuff was already gone. We still ended up taking a red wooden shelf just for fun. I'll probably paint it and use it for a book shelf in Cooper's room. Cooper liked it so much that he held onto it the entire way home. :) And as you can see, our trash digging adventure wore Jenn out. 

Learning to live with less isn't just about having less stuff. It's about learning to spend less so that we can give more. I love finding free things that I can use or even repurpose because it's save us money that we can use on more important things. 

Last summer I found this big piece of wood in my neighbors garbage. I pulled it out and turned it into a project. After a little sanding, painting, and distressing, it's now probably my favorite piece of art in our home. And it didn't cost me a dime. 

Who needs HomeGoods when you've got trash day once a week? Okay, well maybe there are some things you SHOULD buy and not dig out of the garbage. A lot of things actually. But for me, part of learning to live with less is learning to be resourceful. 

I would love to hear how some of you are attempting to live with less. 

See ya tomorrow!

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  1. I trash pick also, sometimes people have NO idea what they have thrown away.