Day 13 // I love Apple.

On day thirteen I would like to tell you about my love for Apple computers. I purchased my first Mac in 2004. It was a white iBook. Remember those? It was beautiful. The computer before that was a Dell. Yuck. It was a brick that ending up dying long before it should've. I was living in New York City at the time and I had picked out my beautiful new iBook at the Apple store on Prince Street in Soho. I love hanging out in Soho. It's one of my favorite spots in NYC. I picked up my new computer and held it tightly all the way back to my apartment in Brooklyn. I remember getting home and opening it up and just staring at it. It was beautiful. White. Clean. Untouched. Did I mention beautiful?

Since that day, I've never gone back. Apple computers have my heart. I'm kind of a tech lover so if you're not one of those people then you probably think I'm weird and want to stop reading. That's ok.

So what does this have to do with 'living with less' you ask? Since I purchased my brand new iBook in 2004, I've never purchased another new one. I've had five Apple computers since then and I've purchased them all used. Mostly from craigslist. And it's only backfired on me once.

Not everyone is a fan of buying used computers and I totally understand that. It's a risk. Especially when you're buying from a stranger. But for me, buying a brand new Mac just isn't an option. So i choose to buy used because that's what we can afford.

Sometimes when you're choosing to 'live with less' there are just some things you can't buy new. Cars, computers, clothes, the list goes on.

Is there anything you've chosen NOT to purchase new?

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