Day 12 // the mocha club

Today at Influence I met some really cool people. Well, I met a lot of really cool people but specifically I'm thinking about three people who are doing a really cool thing. Barrett, Annie, and Marisa work for/advocate for an organization called The Mocha Club. 

The Mocha Club is challenging people to give up a few mochas a month and use the money towards a project that helps better the lives of people living in poverty around the world. According to their website, 

"Mocha Club is about connecting your community with our community in Africa. You start by giving up the cost of a few mochas a month and get to pick where that money is going. We have many different ongoing projects around Africa - pick the one that YOU love. Then start your team so you can invite others to join you in making a difference!" 

I love what Mocha Club is doing around the world to help provide clean water, HIV/Aids prevention, education, and orphan care as well as protecting women and children who are in vulnerable situations. 

Mocha Club and Live With Less have a lot in common. I would love our paths to cross one day in hopes that together we might make even bigger ripples in the kingdom. 

live with less. give more. make a difference. 

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