Day 11 // Living with less at Influence

Hey everyone! I'm having a blast at The Influence Conference in Indy! Lots of beautiful, fun, and inspiring women here. The sessions are great and the Sashes Market is oozing with creativity.

I'm having so much fun that I'm getting a little behind on my '31 days' series. Oops.

I'm honored to be able to sell some 'Live With Less' t-shirts at the conference and it's been so fun to be able to share the LWL story with so many people.

Today I just thought I'd make a list. A practical list of how I'm 'living with less' at Influence.

  • I drove from Joliet, IL to Indianapolis in our Toyota Camry that gets 35mpg. Score. Less money spent on gas. 
  • I'm staying with a friend of a friend rather than staying at the hotel. Less money spent on lodging. (We couldn't really afford this anyway but hey, I'm still adding it to my list:) 
  • I didn't shower this morning. Less water. It may also result in less new friends. Not sure if that was a smart trade.
  • I'm taking advantage of the food offered at the conference and trying not to buy any food outside of that. Less money spent on food. 
  • So far, I haven't purchased anything at the Sashes Market. And believe me it's hard because there are some GREAT things in there. I can't guarantee that the will power in this area will last much longer though. The market is just that good. 
So there's my list. I know these aren't life changing things but for me it's a good discipline to daily ask myself the question "What can I live with less of today?" 

Even if it's a small thing the goal is that it's a baby step toward a more simple life. 

live with less. give more. make a difference. 

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