Day 10 // the shirts are here!!

The 'Live With Less' t-shirts are finally here! I am beyond excited! I am even more excited to put mine on and actually WEAR it. Have you ordered one yet?

You've probably already heard, but just in case you haven't, these shirts are being sold to inspire others to live with less, give more, and make a difference. My hope is that every time you put on your LWL t-shirt you'll ask yourself...

"What can I live with less of today in order to give more to someone in need?" 

I believe this answer will look different for everyone. For some it may be a little less fast food each week so you can have a few extra dollars (or some McDonald's gift cards) to give to the homeless man on the corner that you drive passed every morning. Maybe you're like me and for you it means spending less money at Starbucks or shopping for clothes so you can help kids in other countries have clean drinking water. Maybe it means going to the movies a little less so you can sponsor a child through Compassion International. Maybe it means spending less money on yourself so you can help out a single mom in your neighborhood. The options are endless. 

A portion of the sales from the t-shirts will go to providing clean drinking water through Compassion International's 'Water of Life' program. 

If you haven't already purchased a 'Live With Less' t-shirt and would like to, just click on the LIVE WITH LESS shop above. 

I am super excited to be heading to Indianapolis tomorrow to attend The Influence Conference with 220 other blogging women! There will be a 'market' at the conference that will feature handmade goods from a handful of women attending and I'm exciting about having the opportunity to sell a bunch of LWL t-shirts there! 

I'll be keeping up with my 31 days series while I'm there so be looking for some posts from Indy over the weekend. 

Live with less my friends!

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  1. How much money from each shirt goes to Compassion? Thank you.