Day 3 of the '7' experiment

I am approaching the end of day three of the food experiment I talked about here a couple of days ago. How's it going, you ask?

It's hard.

The first two days were the hardest and I feel like it's getting a little easier. I've felt pretty hungry in between meals and it takes a lot more work to prepare the seven foods that were chosen than I am normally used to. I have used my crock pot a TON this week. I've been throwing chicken breasts in there and yesterday I added sweet potatoes which turned out pretty good. I've never cooked sweet potatoes in the crock pot before.

Things I've noticed about my body... The first two days I felt pretty crappy. Tired. Lethargic. And my muscles were cramping probably because I wasn't eating ENOUGH food. I think I was taking in too much protein and not enough fiber because my system was a little "backed up". TMI, I know. Sorry.

Even though it's been hard so far (I don't know why I expected it to be easier) here's what I've observed...

1) We eat because we can. There have been many times these last couple of days where I thought "I want a cookie" or "I'm gonna go eat some chips" forgetting that those items were not on the '7' approved list. I just wanted to eat because I could. Because it was there and accessible. Not necessarily because I was hungry or needed to eat.

2) When you don't have access to food, you think about it a lot. I've found myself constantly thinking about food. What I want to eat. What I can't wait to eat when this experiment is over. What I could eat without anyone knowing. My mind has been consumed with thoughts about food and I don't really like that.

This experiment has really been stretching me. The only bummer aside from being hungry is that this seven foods has taken a toll on our grocery budget that I did not anticipate. We have a certain amount of money for groceries each week and this experiment has eaten up most of our food money already and we still have a two-year-old mouth to feed.

So we may be splitting this month up into chunks rather than doing it consecutively.

We'll just take it one day at a time:)


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  2. Love hearing about your process... sounds like you're already learning lots about yourself in just a few days. I know there is the budget concern, but I'd encourage you to stick as close to the origianl plan as you can for the entire month. Get creative. Sometimes it's our limitations that bring out more of our creativity {when we're forced to make more of less}. And then there's the issue of trust. If this is something you feel led to do {and I know it is} trust the budget will work out. The initial effects will be the greatest... the body's reaction to reduced sugar, processed foods, sodium, etc. That's most likely why you felt so tired, but you should get your energy back. The foods you've chosen are all good for you, and will provide you the fuel you need. Don't forget to drink lots and lots of water to help the body detoxify {it'll also help with the regularity ;)} You're inspiring. Love ya.