9 more days!

Only nine more days until the end of September. And you know what that means? The '7' food challenge/ fast will be done. It's crazy to think that this month is almost over. When I started it I felt like this was going to be the longest month ever. But surprisingly it has gone by kind of quick. 

I have some confessions to make.

I may have cheated a little bit. Ok, not may have. I have.

The nights are the hardest. I've done great eating only '7' approved foods at breakfast, lunch, and dinner but after dinner and after Cooper's in bed and it's 10pm, I'm hungry again. And at 10pm you don't feel like cooking a sweet potato or some chicken. And I probably already had two apples that day and three pieces of bread and I don't feel like eating either of those again. So I busted out the box of cereal just to make my stomach stop growling at me.

Excuses, excuses I know. Just trying to be real with you all. I haven't done this perfectly.

I've noticed how often I don't do something because I simply 'don't feel like it'. Feelings are not bad but they are also not always very reliable. Kids in third world countries don't have the option to eat what they "feel" like eating. They eat what's available or they don't eat at all. The fact is, I'm spoiled. Just sayin'.

To give myself some credit, I'm still doing it and I am determined to finish strong.

There are a few things that I have really missed eating this month. Pita chips and hummus, cookies, oatmeal w/raisins, and cheese. And lately I've really wanted to eat a donut. I'm not normally a donut eater considering they instantly raise your cholesterol by 100 points but I really want one. I think it's all the pictures of 'apple cider donuts' being re-pinned on Pinterest that's getting to me. Mmmm.

So nine more days. I can make it. And you better believe there will be a celebration on October 1st!

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  1. Can't wait to hear what you eat first on October 1st! So proud of you.