'7' FOOD update

It's been nine days since I started the '7' food experiment. What a journey it has been so far. The first few days were tough. I was grumpy, hungry, and wondering if I could really make it an entire month eating just seven foods. But then it started to get easier. I wasn't thinking about cookies and potato chips as much anymore and I wasn't as hungry or cranky either. My thinking shifted from "this sucks" to "I think this is actually doable". If you read my last post you know that I was contemplating breaking the month up into chunks because we were running out of grocery money very quickly. But my friend Natasha encouraged me not to give up and to get creative and figure out how I could make it work. I am thankful for her. So it's day nine and I'm still going but we have made a couple of changes.

Justin started out doing the experiment with me (he likes a good challenge but I think he was doing it mostly to support me) and I asked him if he would be willing to end his month prematurely so that I could finish mine. He said yes. I basically was asking him, "Would you eat cookies and all the other good food so that I can continue to not eat cookies and all the other good food?" Who wouldn't say yes to that?

He will continue to eat some of the '7' foods with me but he has released himself from eating strictly seven things. He's free, people.

The other change that I made is that I am going to start subbing beans for chicken. Chicken tends to be expensive, especially if you buy quality chicken, so I'm going to be eating a lot more beans instead of chicken. I'll probably do a week of beans and then a week of chicken and then another week of beans.

So as it stands I'm still only consuming eggs, bread, chicken/beans, avocados, sweet potatoes, spinach, and apples. I guess I should call it 'eight' instead of 'seven'. Or maybe 'seven and a half'.

Here's what a typical day of eating has looked like these past nine days:

Breakfast: egg sandwich with spinach.

Lunch: a piece of chicken, with some avocado, or a avocado and spinach sandwich

Dinner: chicken and sweet potatoes (usually cooked in the crock pot or baked)

Snacks: apples or a slice of bread

Sounds super exciting right? It's been quite eye opening for me even though I don't really consider myself a "foodie".

It's so nice when things are simple. Even though I want to eat a lot of other things the simplicity of only having a few options is kind of freeing. Especially when it comes to food. I know what foods I can eat, I eat them, and then I move on with my day. No obsessing over choices or being consumed or distracted by cravings or impulses. I eat and then I live.

Only 19 more days to go.


  1. Good for you! I'm glad you're going to stick it out for the entire month. :) In the movie, "Over The Hedge," RJ is describing human stuff to wild animals and he says to them, "Humans live to eat, we eat to live." So much truth to that. Is that about what you're feeling now? :)

    1. Dana, I totally feel like that most of the time. I've pretty much always been a 'eat to live' person but it's been eye-opening to realize how much i actually need and what I can do without. I do really miss the sweets though and I know I will be happy when October comes around:)

  2. GO COURT GO! So proud of you. Can't wait to hear what is ahead! Miss you!

  3. I love how you say the simplicity is freeing. You eat and then you live. I wonder how many other things are keeping us from "living"? Creating margin {space} and allowing God to use it and us!