Summer vacation

Justin, Cooper, and I got home early this morning from a week long family road trip/vacation. We had a blast! We left last Monday morning, June 11th to drive to North Carolina. June 11th was also Justin's 34th birthday. We drove about 9 hours to Lexington, KY. We stopped at a hotel for the night and grabbed some dinner at a local Cracker Barrel. Cooper 'wooed' all the waitresses with his cuteness and they even let him use their brooms to sweep the floor. He LOVES to sweep.

The next morning we drove from Lexington to Asheville, NC to spend the night with Wayne and Gwen Mahaffey. The people who know them well call them Gwendy and Pop. Wayne and Gwen are the parents of my friend Caroline, who lives here in Illinois, and she was also in town with her four kids. We spent about 18 hours there which included dinner, some playtime at a park in Asheville and then breakfast the next morning and more playtime before we hit the road again. It was a short but very fun visit!

Gwendy insisted we take a picture standing tallest to shortest:)

Swinging with Eden.
Gunnar, Tygar, and Stone.
After we said goodbye to the Mahaffeys and the TeSelles we drove from Asheville to Lake Lure, NC to make a quick visit to see my friend Miriam. Miriam lives in Georgia but is spending part of her summer working at Camp Lurecrest. She didn't know we were coming to see her and her reaction was priceless. And it was exactly what I pictured. It involved lots of running and screaming. It was awesome:) We got to spend about an hour with her. She showed us around the camp, introduced us to some of the people she works with and then we ate lunch with her. It was a short visit but so great and so worth the winding roads we took to get there. 

Love this girl. 

Then we drove from Lake Lure to Charlotte and arrived at my friend Greta's house. Greta is married to Jeremy and they have two kids, Joyner and Judson. Don't her kids have the coolest names!? I told Greta that if I ever have a girl, I might name her Joyner because I love it that much! We stayed two nights at Greta's house and had a ton of fun. We played outside, went to a splash park, played wii fit after the kids went to bed, and ate some delicious food. Oh yeah, and drank lots of VERY sweet tea made by Greta. Greta makes some good sweet tea. Greta and I also had lots of snuggle time on the couch and some great chats:) I don't snuggle with a lot of people but Greta is one of the few I'm always up for a snuggle with:) Loved the time we got to spend together. 

Cooper had lots of fun relaxing at Greta's house:)

On Friday we said good-bye to the Joneses and drove two miles down the road to the Debolt's house. It's sounds crazy but we really wanted to stay at both of their houses so we could have some quality time with the Jones family AND the Debolt family. My friend Natasha is married to Frank and they have two girls, Aubrey and Bethany. Her girls both loved hanging out with Cooper and Cooper had fun playing with all of their girl toys, most of which were pink. He didn't seem to know the difference. Natasha and I had fun catching up on life and laughing about who knows what. I always love talking to Natasha. Sometimes I feel like we are practically the same person. Her husband Frank shared some AMAZING coffee toffee homemade ice cream with us. It was the best ice cream I've ever had! We had a blast with their family. 

Hanging out at the splash park. 
My sweet friend. 
We tried to get a picture of the five of us before we left but Cooper didn't feel like cooperating. 
We left North Carolina Monday morning to make the drive back to Illinois. We did it all in one day and it took 15 hours. We left at 11am EST and got home at 1am CST. Crazy. It was a LONG day but Cooper did great and it was so nice to sleep in our own beds last night. Although, some of the beds we slept in on vacation were nicer than our own.

So summer vacation 2012 is in the books. Now it's time to gear up for some student ministry camps in July and Cooper's 2nd birthday this weekend.

I am so thankful for such great friends who let us come visit them and invade their homes. I love you all! Thanks for making great memories with us!


  1. I just love that you gave a shout out to Frank's AMAZING ice cream :) Now I want some. So, so happy you came to visit. Tag, we're it!

    1. it was that good! Yep, it's your turn.... come on up! :)