Summer reading

I'm not a huge reader but there are some books I've run across lately that I am really eager to read.

Currently, I'm reading two...

I've been reading 'Grace For The Good Girl' by Emily Freeman for a while and although I don't consider myself to be a 'good girl' it's helping me understand friends in my life who are. If you are a natural born 'good girl' you should read this book. 

I just started reading 'Interrupted' by Jen Hatmaker this week. I bought the kindle version for $1.99 so I've been reading it on my computer which kind of hurts my eyes. So far it's a very eye opening book and will probably have me wanting to change the world by the time I'm finished with it. It's that kind of read. 

Here's a few more on my list that I'd like to read eventually...

 Are you reading any good books this summer?

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