I have a toddler.

This weekend my son Cooper turned two. When he was first born, practically everyone told us that "it" would go by fast. It being the first 18 years of his life, I guess. Well we've only experienced two years so far and I would have to agree that it does feel like they went by fast. Cooper is learning words at a rapid rate. He's figuring out how to run and throw balls (among other things, which usually end up hitting Justin in the head), and he's still infatuated with all kinds of musical instruments. He loves to pound on our piano, and strum Justin's guitar. The drums are the latest instrument that's been added to his "band" and he walks around the house with a spoon hitting things and saying "play drums". He hasn't broken anything yet but I'm sure it will happen eventually and then his musical phase won't be so cute anymore. But it is fun to observe what sort of things he's enamored with. It makes me wonder if he will grow up to have some sort knack for music or if he simply just likes to bang on things to make noise. Or maybe both.

We had a small family party on Saturday that included Justin's mom and siblings and my mom, who came from Iowa. My brother was in Wisconsin for a conference so we went a little more low-key this year since we had less people attending. And I am so not a party planner, so the more simple the better. I bought pre-made pizza crusts, cheese, sauce, and some toppings and we did a "make your own pizza" thing for dinner. I also made cupcakes (only 12) mainly so we could have something to put a candle in for Cooper to blow out. We did eat them though:) Cooper got a few gifts and then we just hung out. It was just right.

Can't wait to see all that Cooper will learn in this next year of life. So grateful to be his mom!

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