Time for a change.

Hey friends. I need some help. I've been feeling very undisciplined lately and it's time to change that. My sweet boy Cooper is a great sleeper. Most mornings he sleeps till 7:30 or 8am and even after he's awake he's content to lay in his crib and be quiet until around 8:30am. I know, I am so spoiled. You moms who have babies with a 6am alarm clock are throwing invisible spit balls and tomatoes at me right now and you have every right to be. I wish every mom had a kid who would sleep till 8am. The problem with having a kid that sleeps so well and so late is that I often do the same. Sleeping until 8:30am has me feeling very lazy and kind of guilty lately. Guilty that I could and should be doing more productive things. Things like running or reading or just getting a head start on the day. So here's my goal.... Starting tomorrow I will wake up at 6:30am and go for a run. I'll come back, get cleaned up and hopefully still have some time to do some reading or writing before I get Cooper up. I'm telling all of you this because I need some accountability. I know if I don't tell anyone, then 6:30am will roll around and I will stay in my nice warm bed. But if I know that some of my friends are thinking "I wonder if Courtney got up and ran this morning?" I will be more likely to do it. I'll only make exceptions if I'm sick or Cooper is sick and I didn't get any sleep the night before. If it's raining then I'll go to the gym across the street. I don't really have any fitness goals necessarily, I just really love to run and lately I've have not made it a priority. I will also need to start going to bed earlier to make this happen. 

Thanks for helping me get my butt in gear! Feel free to text me or hit me up on Facebook to ask me how I'm doing. 

Any goals you're working on?


  1. I have been feeling the same way..thanks for the encouragement. I will get up early and run too! So at least you know there is someone else running at the same time! Good luck!

  2. GOOD JOB! And yes, jealous that Cooper sleeps till 8:30. Sing God's praises for that one. Hope running is fun every day! I'll be asking.

  3. How have you been doing with this post? I've been more disciplined lately although this morning it took a lot to even get out of bed so I'll have to get my run in later on the treadmill during naptime. (Not my favorite but a run is a run.) Just been thinking about you and hope you are still being intentional about making your morning time what you want!