Sometimes I like to write words.

Sometimes, when I get a burst of inspiration I like to write. Kind of like poetry but more like Spoken Word. Putting words down on paper, that sometimes rhyme or have a 'flow' about them, helps me process experiences or relationships. It's also a way that I worship my creator. While I was sitting on the beach in North Carolina five or so weeks ago I wrote these words:

(no editing, just a constant stream of words from my heart to God's)

My heart is so full of love and life. 
All that God has placed in front of me, the passions that are pulling me towards Him-
Are like the waves of the ocean and their constant crashing
I keep asking myself "Is He enough?"
Is He good enough?
Is He strong enough?
Smart enough?
Is His power great enough?
Does His love sustain enough?
Does His grace remain enough?
The answer to that question tosses around in my heart and the days I feel apart from Him-
The answer is no. 
The outward actions of my heart tell the world around me that He is not enough. 
I fill my days with everything BUT Him, in hopes that He won't notice. 
Notice that my heart is costumed with my stuff instead of my savior. 
Or notice that most of my actions are really just selfish ambitions. 
The desire of my heart is that each day I can say "yes". 
He IS enough. 
He is enough to meet my needs. 
He is enough to love just me. 

Thanks for listening to my honest words. If you want to hear some more of my words go here.

How do YOU worship our creator?