Happy Mother's Day

Today I am thankful for my mom. She is a strong woman who did an amazing job raising my brother and I on her own for 20+ years. She's a hard worker and a great servant. She's generous and caring. She gave me great biceps, a love for running, and an uncontrollable sweet tooth. Despite many challenges in her life, she stills puts her hope and trust in Jesus. 

My mom and I (2010) with 8-week old Cooper. Apparently sometimes my mom and I like to match. 

Today I am thankful for the many other women who have played important roles in my life. The ones who have been like a mother or a sister to me and have encouraged me, challenged me, loved me, inspired me, hugged me, and laughed and cried with me. Too many to list but they are close to my heart. 

Today I am thankful for my many friends across the world who may not be biological mothers yet but are loving so many children as if they were their own. They invest their time and money and resources into children who come from broken homes, broken families, and broken communities. They are heroes. Their impact is great and often goes unnoticed to the world, but certainly not to The Father. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of my girls out there who are loving and investing in the lives of those around them. You're influence is greater than you know. 

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