Highlights from the beach.

Some of my favorite moments from Caroline's birthday week at the beach...

Spending time with these women at this beautiful house. 

SO much laughter. 

Endless fun. 

Reconnecting with old friends and meeting lots of new ones.
Hours of meaningful and honest conversations about life. 

Reeve's "concert". 

Walks on the beach.  

The amazing scenery. 

I am so grateful to have shared this week with so many amazing women. Caroline, thank you for having such great friends and for being willing to share them:) I have many more friends because of you. Also thankful for my husband who allowed me to be gone for 6 days and covered everything amazingly. The memories of this week will be in my heart and mind for a long, long time. 


  1. So excited for you that you got that experience. Seriously! And how awesome that you have a husband that supports your time like this!! (Mine gives awesome support in that way, too.) Looking forward to sharing Saturday morning with you for (in)RL!

    1. Thankful for husbands who let us get-away:) Looking forward to Saturday too!

  2. Is that a picture of you with the Nester?! Sounds like such an awesome time, Courtney. I am so glad you were able to collect such an amazing experience!

    1. haha, yes The Nester aka Myquillyn was there Thursday-Sunday. So fun to hang with her:)

  3. LOVE this Courtney. When can we go back?!