Chasing simplicity

Have you notice lately that the "look" of my blog has been changing every few days? If you haven't then good for you. But, if you have then I apologize if I've caused any confusion. Now that I'm starting to learn my way around blogger and all that it has to offer, I am having a lot of fun customizing my blog. I guess in a sense I'm trying to find my "blogger identity". I've discovered some great websites that have free backgrounds, headers, buttons, etc that are great for beginning bloggers like me who aren't using their blog as a business but still want it to look cute:) I've also been trying to come up with what to "call" my blog. Something other than just That's boring.

When I sit down to read some of my favorite blogs, sometimes I feel like I am stepping into the writer's living room or having coffee with them at Starbucks. Mainly because their writing is so personable and so relatable, but also because they've created a blog environment that feels more like a "place" rather than a "site". So I too want not just a site or some tiny chunk of space within the world wide web but a PLACE. Maybe this is just a far-fetched idea or maybe I've had too much caffeine today. Either way, I'm going with it. So this place I call my blog will be known as 'Chasing Simplicity'. I hope that much of what I write about will reflect my journey towards living a simple life for Jesus.

Chasing simplicity --- with creativity and passion.

I like it.


  1. I like it too. Chasing simplicity something we ALL need.
    And I detest my layout on blogger and have been dying to learn how to change it up. I love your layout, and I don't know how to personalize the top which bugs me. I've been waiting till June when my friend Cathy comes to visit. She seems to know how to do it. :)
    Wish you were closer we could figure it out together. :) Happy Friday!

  2. Yes ma'am. Let's chase simplicity together:) And let's fix that blog of yours:))