Thrifting season is upon us!

Ok, well maybe it's always been here. I don't about you but there is something about the warm weather that makes me itch to sand, paint, or refinish something. My friend Dana and I were just talking about this the other day and she is feeling the same way. It's time to bust out some DIY projects! The other day, during my "mom sabbath" time, I made a trip to two different Goodwill stores in my area. One in Naperville and one in Montgomery. Usually when I walk into a Goodwill store I go straight to the furniture section. I'm not really sure why because we don't really need any more furniture in our house. I think it's maybe because that's where the "gems" are usually found. It's where you find the beautiful dresser that has so much potential or the unique wingback chairs that just need some reupholstering. Do you have a favorite section of Goodwill? 

I didn't find any cool project items on my latest trip but I did find two things that I grabbed as soon as I saw them because I loved them both instantly! The first one was this large footstool/bench:

I immediately loved the fabric and the cute, stubby legs. I still haven't figured out where I'm going to put it because it's so large but I'm starting to think it's going to end up at the end of our bed. Oh yeah, I am most forgot.... it was only $15!! What a steal!

The other piece I picked up was this cute, rustic looking mirror:

I love it's 'rawness' and it was only $2. It will hang over the white desk you see in the picture which is in the entryway off of our garage. 

For those of you thinking I have a stash of money set aside for thrifting, well, I wish. Justin and I are currently doing Dave Ramsey's envelope system where every penny of each pay check is "spent" into a certain category whether it's food, clothing, giving, savings, etc. There is no extra money floating around and unfortunately there is no thrifting envelope. So if there's something I want then I find something in our home that I can sell (with Justin's permission). I've been doing this for a while. For the most part I use craigslist and I've had pretty good success at selling things. It works for me because I like change and it's fun for me to continually move stuff in and out of our home. My husband, on the other hand, probably wouldn't agree:) 

Happy thrifting to you my friends!

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