Georgia on my mind...

This past weekend I took a road trip to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my friend Miriam. Miriam and I met in October of last year and we had an instant connection. I knew I needed to spend some more time with her and since we lived 700 miles away from each other, that would require either a plane trip or a long car ride. If you know me at all then you know I love to drive. Just put me out on the open road and I am a happy girl. I love the time to think, pray, process, sing, and just be quiet. Every state is a new adventure, with new people and new things to see. So Miriam and I spent two and a half days together hanging out, laughing, walking, eating, talking, and catching up. She is a lover of people and is extremely creative. She is hilarious and beautiful inside and out. I cherish our friendship.

Get-aways for me are a ton of fun but are also necessary for my sanity as a mom. The daily duties of motherhood can be draining. Getting away for a weekend every so often allows me to refuel and come back refreshed, which I believe makes me a healthier wife and mom.

My friend Caroline also wrote about "getting away" on her blog this week. Check it out. I will be getting away with Caroline and a bunch of other women to North Top Sail Beach, NC for her 40th birthday celebration in about a month. (I don't usually get away this often, it just happens that two trips fell close to each other.) I also have an amazing husband who supports my get-away habit and my need for hills and highways:)


  1. yeah for road trips & lady time & amazing husbands!!
    hope to meet miriam one day too!

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