In love with 'Aqua'

Sitting high on the Goodwill shelf in all it's glory!
Picture #1 for the Craigslist Ad

Picture #2 for the Craigslist Ad

Favorite morning spot:)
I found this cute little end table at Goodwill for $9.99. I saw it as I was perusing the furniture section, which isn't usually that impressive at the Goodwill here in Joliet, IL. There was another lady looking at it and she was actually on the phone with someone describing it to them and wanting to know if she should grab it. So I waited patiently within ear shot and once I heard that she wasn't going to be leaving with it and strolled on over and grabbed the ticket. I went to Home Depot to look at spray paint because I wanted to paint it something other than white (which is what I've been painting everything so far). I choose this color which is called 'Aqua' and I love it. I want to spray paint some more things aqua:)

I actually have no intentions of keeping this for myself even though I do love it and have already found a great spot for it in our house. I'd like to sell it in order to use the cash to purchase more furniture for my "projects". If it doesn't sell (on craigslist for $40) then I'll keep it. I have it sitting in between two of our Ikea swivel chairs where I sit every morning, while Cooper naps, drinking my iced coffee and catching up on blogs or reading a book. So I'll continue to enjoy it's "aqua-ness" while it's here.