Big League Chew & Sunflower seeds...

Why 'just plain Courtney'? As I said in my most recent post, I don't consider myself to be a creative person. I grew up in a family where sports consumed a lot of time. My summers were spent at the ball park either watching my brother play baseball or playing softball myself. Big League Chew, sunflower seeds, and walking tacos from the concession stand were my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love those memories and I hope I can build some of the same with my kids. But unless your a stellar athlete, those days of running the bases and catching fly balls often end. I'm not saying that playing sports stunted my creativity because I really enjoy them but there's not a lot of creativity when it comes to sports. Sports are about discipline and fundamentals. Perfecting a craft. What I love about painting a wall or stripping a dresser is that it doesn't have to be perfect, it just have to be something that I like. If you don't like how the color turned out you just start over and paint it again. There's room for error. A person like me who may lack a natural knack for the arts can still create be create in my own way. I love the freedom of taking a piece of junk and turning it into something useable and attractive. I believe in a creative God who wants his people to be creative too. How are you using your creativity today?

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